Ondo State Government launches campaign against neglected tropical diseases


Ondo State Government launches campaign against neglected tropical diseases 1

The Ondo State Government has launched virogous campaign and sensitization against the Neglected Tropical Diseases NTDs across the eighteen council areas .

The State Commissioner for health Dr Wahad Adegbenro while speaking with journalists in Akure on the occasion of this Year’s World Neglected Tropical Diseases NTDS Day with the theme : “#Beat NTDs ; For God ,For All “said the people of the state should now be more conscious of their environment and health .

Adegbenro said harmful environmental practices could lead to outbreak of epidemic and urged residents of the state to take their personal hygiene seriously .

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Following the spate of disease outbreak not only in Nigeria but in the global communities like the latest Coronavirus in China, The Health Commissioner urged residents of the state to present early at any Government Hospitals especially when they are faced with health challenges for proper Medical Examination and treatment.

According to him, diseases like onchocerciasis,lymphatic ,filariasis,leshmaniasis ,soil transmitted helminths,schistosomiasis and Human African Trypanosomiasis among others constitute Negeleted Tropical Diseases Predominantly at the rural communities.

Adegbenro further explained that, NTDs are endemic in 149 countries affecting over 1.6 billion people and ranks among the top 4 most devasting groups of communicable diseases along with diarrheal diseases ,HIV/AIDS and lower respiratory infections.

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He said the United Nations has taken a bold step by declaring January 30th every year as the World NTDs day with a view to tackling all forms of communicable diseases across the globe .

“Ondo state has been mapped for the various NTDS.The mapping result indicate that , the state has overlapping endemicity for four preventive chemo Therapy (PCT) NTDs.These are onchocerciasis,lymphatic ,filariasis,leshmaniasis ,schistosomiasis (SCH) and soil transmitted helminths (STH).The Distribution of the PCT-NTD Diseases in the state varies across the communities and the LGAs in the state.Emerging cases of buriluli ulcer have been found. Hovever ,Mapping is yet to be done for the disease in the state.

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The scourge of NTDs can be addressed through mass awareness created by different print and electronic media along with specific mass administration of medicines in endemic communities. WHO has targeted most of the PCT NTDs for elimination by 2030 in line with the Millennium Development Goal 3.”

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